Madagascar Photos
Taken by Casey November 2012

Sunset above Isalo Rock Lodge Madagascar

Lost on our way to the Palace in Antaninavaro - we wandered behind people's homes

Narrow way to our room at Sakamunga Hotel

Home in Antananarivo

Museum in Antananarivo had to turn on the lights for us since we were probably the only visitors they had that day.

Scary monkey band at the museum

Tami makes a purchase

Croc farm near airport in Antananarivo

Lemurs roam free but stick around the farm because they get fed

Petting a lemur - how many zoos let you do that?

The only predator of the lemur

Lizard on a stick always works at stopping cars for money

Isalo Rock Lodge where Dr. Evil hangs out

The view from my room at Isalo Rock Lodge

10 minute walk below the lodge is a natural spring

Boa snake

Those tree petals are walking!

Sunset after a long hike and some bubbly

OK - now this is Africa.

Our transport to the boat to Anakoa


Southern Madagascar is mostly desert

Dug out canoe like grandpa made

I read two books on that hammock. T

Lemur park cares for sick lemurs.

Laundry day