Bali Photos
Taken by Casey November, 2010

On the motorbike at Nusa Cennigan

I love Bali

Tami at Amed

Casey at Amed

Team at Ubud rice paddies

Sleeping in Singapore Airport

Brett Johnson giving out his business card.

Lyn Johnson, Janet, Dena and Rebecca at the Ubud rice fields

Riding the bull at the pool. John Chen flexing and Garrett Brown balancing

At the pool at the Ramada Bonoa with some of the REP group.

This is the monkey that stole my pro-piodics medicine and bit my finger

The funeral pyre for an Ubud king or priest.

The 500 men that are going to carry it to the temple

There is also a white bull that also will be carried and burned.

At the Convergence Seminar

REP Bali Team

At a restuarant that only serves one dish - pork

I am sick so I only ate rice - so sad.

Garrett, Emmy, Linda, John and Casey

At the Kingdom Couples forum

Convergence Seminar - my table is on the left

Tami at Mushroom Bay

At secret beach

At Manta Point

Monkey Forest in Ubud

Spot of light view from top of Nusa Cennigan - the dots in the ocean are little boats used to harvest seeweed.

Tsunami Warning sign in Nusa Cennigan

Gathering Seeweed in Nusa Lemongan

Mushroom Bay

Garrett peeing in the ocean at Crystal Bay